VIDEO: Behind the Gate Episode 6

VIDEO: Behind the Gate Episode 6
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In this episode of BTG we focus on the MXGP of Galicia, the home race of reigning world champion Jorge Prado. The Spaniard had an incredible weekend in front of his local crowd as he won all heats!

He took the red plate with a GP victory in front of his Spanish fans. The episode also follows the Negaan Husqvarna Factory Racing team behind the scenes with the MX2 class duel between Kay De Wolf and his teammate Lucas Coenen who took his first GP win of the season in Galicia.

There is also a special section with Mattia Guadagnini, just back from injury in the MXGP of Portugal, where he talks about his new team, new approach, life in Belgium and much more about his “new” life at Negaan Husqvarna Factory racing team.

Photos: Juan Pablo Acevedo

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