MON: Van der Werff class apart in ladies class

MON: Van der Werff class apart in ladies class
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Last Sunday the women's class rode the sixth race for the championship during the cross organized by MAC Wanssum. There were no surprises in the day's results at the Cuijck circuit. Britt van der Werff won both heats and took the day's victory. Behind her it was Kaylee van dam who came in second with two second place finishes. Maureen Zweers took third place twice and was third in the daily rankings. Lynn Snoek finished fourth and Cynthia Swets completed the top five for the day. The next match for the ladies is on Sunday, June 30 in Leusden.

First heat
It was Van der Werff who took the lead on the first lap ahead of van Dam, Zweers, Swets, Sarah Bergsma and Snoek. There was no exciting battle at the front. The difference was quickly made between van der Werff and van Dam. It was Van der Werff who won the heat ahead of Van Dam. Zweers followed behind Van Dam for about five seconds, but was never able to pose a direct threat. Snoek passed Bergsma in the third and took over fourth place from Swets three laps later. Swets lost fifth place two laps before the checkered flag to Marselina Mertens.

Second heat
In the second heat the tension was even less. Van der Werff quickly took the lead again and quickly had a large lead over Van Dam with the same result as in the first moto. Zweers again followed almost the entire heat within about five seconds without becoming a real threat. Swets saw Snoek pass in the third lap and Snoek finished fourth ahead of Swets.

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First heat:
1. Van der Werff 18:06.235, 2. van Dam +30.924, 3. Zweers +36.963, 4. Snoek +1:06.790, 5. Mertens +1:15.256, 6. Swets +1:17.215, 7. Sarah Bergsma +1 lap, 8. Cobussen +1 lap, 9. Flat +1 lap, 10. Van Brenk +1 lap.

Second heat:
1. Van der Werff 18:36.823, 2. van Dam +48.032, 3. Zweers +56.635, 4. Snoek +1:13.304, 5. Swets +1:32.287, 6. Sarah Bergsma +1:49.140, 7. Mertens +2:02.207, 8. Cobussen +1 lap, 9. Flat +1 lap, 10. Mathijssen +1 lap.

Daily ranking:
1. Van der Werff 120, 2. van Dam 108, 3. Zweers 100, 4. Snoek 94, 5. Swets 88, 6. Mertens 86, 7. Sarah Bergsma 84, 8. Cobussen 78, 9. Platte 74, 10 . Verstappen 66.

Women's standings 2024:
1. van Dam 668, 2.van der Werff 588, 3. Zweers 585, 4. Swets 552, 5. Platte 525, 6. Cobussen 466, 7. Snoek 457, 8. Verstappen 406, 9. Van Brenk 392, 10 . Mathijssen 349.

By: Maycel de Bruijn
Posted: Steven van Kempen/KEMCO
Gallery: mdbmxpics

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