MON: No measure on Sem Taspinar

MON: No measure on Sem Taspinar
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After more than a month, the MX2 youth were allowed to compete again for the championship points last Saturday. MAC Wanssum organized their annual motocross on the Cuijck circuit. It was Sem Taspinar who once again had no limits. The Buitenhuis Racing rider twice won both heats with a difference of more than 47 seconds and took his place on the highest step of the podium. Based on the second heat, Jenaire Beerens took second place. With a third and second place in the heats he stayed ahead of the German Jaden Wendeler. The second heat was also decisive in the battle for fourth and fifth place. It was the Belgian Lars Huysmans who dominated Amani Saraç in this battle. The next race in this championship is scheduled for next Saturday at the MSV Overloon Circuit.

First heat
It was Huysmans who had the best start and was in the lead halfway through the first lap. Taspinar, Wendeler, Xander Vanschooren and Saraç followed behind. In the second lap Taspinar managed to take over the lead position and immediately took a lead. Beerens had started to make progress in this lap and now finished fifth. Huysmans ran into problems on the next lap and fell to eighth place. Beerens continued his advance and passed Saraç and Vanschooren. Saraç had passed Vanschooren and was now back in fifth place. This happened far behind Taspinar who already had a lead of more than eight seconds. Vanschooren also lost fifth place to Luca van der Laan, but he quickly regained it because van der Laan got into trouble. It never became more exciting at the front. Taspinar was lord and master and won the heat. Wendeler had a six-second lead over Beerens throughout the heat and finished second. Beerens rode away from Saraç to see the checkered flag in third place. Well behind, Huysmans fought past Verschooren.

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Second heat
It was Huysmans again with the best start ahead of Taspinar, Roan van Vegchel, Beerens and Wendeler. Now Taspinar struck even faster and took the lead on the first lap. In the next lap Beerens and Wendeler passed Van Veghel and Huysmans. Taspinar was already gone again and he only gained more lead to win the heat again with a 47 second lead. Wendeler managed to stay in Beerens' tracks until halfway through the heat. He then had to allow Beerens a few seconds ahead and it was Beerens who managed to hold on to second place. Huysmans, Van Vegchel and Saraç battled for fourth, fifth and sixth place. Huysmans ultimately managed to hold on to fourth place. Saraç passed Van Vegchel and finished fifth.

First heat:
1. Taspinar 18:51.157, 2. Wendeler (Ger) +47.459, 3. Beerens +53.113, 4. Saraç +1:16.460, 5. Huysmans (Bel) +1:23.668, 6. Vanschooren (Bel) +1: 30.141, 7. Dral +1:32.389, 8. Van Vegchel +1:33.248,9. Steensels (Bel) +1 rag, 10. Larmit +1 rag.

Second heat:
1. Taspinar 20:36,095, 2. Beerens +47.521, 3. Wendeler (Ger) +1:05.641, 4. Huysmans (Bel) +1:21.535, 5. Saraç +1:31.670, 6. Van Vegchel +1: 32.544, 7. Vanschooren (Bel) +1:44.223, 8. Steensels (Bel) +1 lap, 9. Dral +1 lap, 10. Larmit +1 lap.

Daily ranking:
1. Taspinar 120, 2. Beerens 104, 3. Wendeler (Ger) 104, 4. Hutsmans (Bel) 92, 5. Saraç 92, 6. Vanschooren (Bel) 84, 7. Van Vegchel 82, 8. Dral 78, 9. Steensels (Bel) 76, 10. Larmit 70.

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Gross score:
1. Huysmans (Bel) 395, 2. Saraç 384, 3. Van Vegchel 345, 4. Dral 324, 5. Larmit 310, 6. Steensels (Bel) 282, 7. van der Laan 258, 8. van den Heuvel 253 , 9. Serneels (Bel) 249, 10 Beerens 228.

By: Maycel de Bruijn
Posted: Steven van Kempen/KEMCO
Gallery: mdbmxpics

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