Returners Etienne and Robbie Bax win the ONK Berghem!

Returners Etienne and Robbie Bax win the ONK Berghem!
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Etienne and Robbie Bax won the ONK Sidecar Cross in Berghem. As usual, Bax went into the deep sand and managed to win the heat twice despite stiff opposition. The Leferink brothers came second and Mulders/Van Deutekom third.

In the first heat, Bax had a tough battle with Hermans for the win. When Hermans wanted to cross inside, Bax closed the door outside but got stuck! This also applied to Hermans who drove into Bax and was also stuck. Bax was able to get away quickly and still win. Hermans would only finish fifth. Leferink rode strongly and was able to finish second from three ahead of Van Werven at three. Van den Boomen/Van der Wiel took fourth place very strongly.

In the second heat, Bax took the holeshot, but Mulders took over this place on the first lap and was in the lead for a long time. Behind Mulders, however, Bax and just behind Leferink came on strong. They passed Mulders and Bax won the second heat and took the day's victory. Leferink then finished second and also took second place in total and did good business for the Dutch championship. Mulders/Van Deutekom then finished third and also took this position in the day's results. Hermans sits in the corner where the blows fall and had bad luck again when the chain came off and hit the rear wheel. With this failure, Hermans lost valuable points in the battle for the ONK, which will be continued in Halle after the summer holidays on September 8.

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