Test: Polisport's unbreakable levers

Test: Polisport's unbreakable levers
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Brake and clutch levers have sometimes broken off in a crash, but it has never been different. Polisport has thought deeply about this subject and has now launched an unbreakable lever. We purchased a set of APT Unbreakable levers and mounted them on a GasGas enduro.

This is what Polisport says

For those looking for a sustainable alternative to the original bicycle levers. The APT Unbreakable levers have exactly the same shape as the standard levers and are made with Polisports APT technology that guarantees high resistance in the event of a fall, allowing the lever to bend instead of breaking or cracking. In addition, the horizontally oriented stainless steel strip on the inside of the lever also ensures that it does not deform during normal use.

How does it work?

The unbreakable levers are made of a pliable type of plastic with a stainless steel strip on the inside. It ensures that the levers bend but do not break in the event of a crash. The combination of plastic and the metal strip inside makes it possible to fold the lever back to its original shape.

The levers have exactly the same ergonomics as the original ones on your motorcycle and therefore immediately feel familiar. Under normal use, the unbreakable handles will never deform.

How do they feel while driving?

We mounted a set on an enduro motorcycle and rode a long (soaking wet) off-road route with it. The shape feels familiar and in cold weather has the pleasant additional advantage that they do not feel as cold as the original ones. We tried like crazy to cause a possible deformation while driving, but the Polisport levers didn't budge. We did slip once by pressing the front brake a bit impetuously. The levers didn't bend due to the crash this time, so we went to work in our workshop to satisfy our indomitable desire for destruction.

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The bending test

We took one and clamped it in a vice. We then bent the handle to an angle of about 75 degrees and immediately folded the handle back to its original shape. That went perfectly. It ensures that you can always bend your levers back into position after a crash. You can do this using a ring spanner or pliers when you are on the road.


Polisport delivers on its promise. The APT Unbreakable levers are truly unbreakable and they are shaped like the OEM levers of your motorcycle brand. So they feel familiar. Do you lie next to your motorcycle every weekend and have to install new levers every now and then? These new gadgets are now available at your local motocross dealer. The recommended retail price is 19,90 euros per handle or 34,90 for a set.

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